Resources: Building Scheduling Suggestions

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Resources: Building Scheduling Suggestions

Postby ousawvh2-p40 » Tue Dec 01, 2009 7:40 pm

I'm a new building scheduler for our chapel. Since taking on this calling I've noticed some improvements that could help improve the building scheduling process for the requester, administrator, and ward clerk.

1. Calendar option to make selecting a start and end date easier.
2. Required information fields that the requester needs to submit: Name, Ward (Pull down selection), Phone Number, and Room (Pull down selection). I would think these fields should be very easy to implement. Since one selects the their Chapel to schedule the building they should be able to select their ward as well with a pull down selection. Also since this is a standard chapel I would think getting a listing of room numbers/names would be fairly easy as well. (i.e. Kitchen, RS, Primary, Chapel, and etc.) When a building scheduler views the pending request all the information will already be available.
3. As an administrator it would be nice to have a field showing who approved a request.
4. An administrator is required to add comments before a request can be approved. I haven't been able to view or update administrator comments. Maybe I just don't have access to see them, but if I'm entering comments I would think I should be able to see them afterwards.
5. When a building scheduler approves a request for a specific ward assigned to the chapel the resource calendar should sync that entry with the appropriate ward calendar (which would be a required field in the initial request). This will eliminate two calendars needing to be updated by two different people and avoid human entry errors.

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