MLS 3.1.2 Released

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dwterry wrote:Yes, it's hot on the heels of 3.1.0 and 3.1.1. But this one is a planned upgrade, not just a quick fix.
Hey dwterry,
Taking the time to post these type of insights is greatly appreciated.

I'm hoping you, or possibly you can find someone to add some insight to another aspect of these latest upgrades in regards to the format of exported MLS CSV files. For many years they have stayed the same.:cool:

Starting with MLS version 3.1.0 , the format of the exported CSV files significantly changed, and has changed several times more up to and with version 3.1.2 . Several 3rd party tools, used by ward leaders, use these exported files to create very useful ward reference information that can be quickly accessed without having to visit the clerks office to access MLS. :D

So changes to the format of the exported CSV files from MLS is very disruptive to leaders (Bishoprics) using these tools because the tools break every time the format of the CSV files change.:eek:

So the main question is,
Will these changes to the exported CSV files keep happening regularly now and if so what are the possibilities of creating a way for advanced notification for changes to the formatting of the exported CSV files so developers of these tools used by leaders can keep up with the changes in a more timely manner?:D

Thanks in advance.
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From what I understand, the addition of the new individual email and phone number was the basis for the break, but that in implementing that change, something went wrong with the file format. That problem was reported and a fix was quickly rushed out the door to minimize the pain.

I've not heard of any other changes to the exported files.
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elderlarryhawkes wrote:Starting with MLS version 3.1.0 , the format of the exported CSV files significantly changed, and has changed several times more up to and with version 3.1.2.

I think we have confirmed empirically that nothing in the export files changed in v 3.1.2.
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dwterry wrote: 1) With MLS 3.1 you can just let the file transfer run in the background while you get your work done, editing membership, entering finance information, etc.

2) If you finish some finance or membership changes that you want to send up while the download is still happening ... that's okay, there's no need to wait! You don't even need to disconnect. Just click Send/Receive again. MLS will prioritize your changes and send them up ahead of the continued download.

3) And if you really need to leave. That's okay too! Just click Disconnect and log off. The next time you do a Send/Receive, MLS will prioritize any of your changes and do them first, and then resume the download right where it left off. No harm done.
Kudos for this. My ward clerks are jumping up and down with joy over this -- especially those that still use dialup.
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