Suggestions & Help with "Ward Actvities Committee Chairperson"

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Suggestions & Help with "Ward Actvities Committee Chairperson"


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Hubby & I have just recently been called as Co-Chairs...we know our Heavenly Father Inspired our Bishop to call us 'cause we truly believe we can help our ward to grow not only spiritually...but we can help our missionaries to activate our inactive ward members.

Anyway's...our new calling will begin as of next week & we would like to know if anyone who has held this calling before used a survey sheet to find out from the members what they're interested in having as functions/activities and what they would like to see the ward do more of, etc.

We've been given a handbook and that's basically it. I haven't heard of any Activities Committee activities even as a Stake for a looooooong time. Any ideas you would like to share to help us better serve our brothers & sisters of our Ward we would really appreciate it!

Much Love from Hawai'i:)
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I just saw this so I hope you and your husband have already had some amazing activities! I was a missionary in Hawaii a number of years ago and am now a Ward Mission Leader so I applaud your intentions of including the missionaries and creating activities to activate less actives! I know this is an obvious one, but I *LOVED* the Ward luaus in Hawaii and active or not, all the Ohana showed up for those! But there are many websites that have some ideas: ... ctivities/ ... ideas.html

In the end, what I've learned is that no one ever joined the church (or became re-activated) by eating a bowl of chili (or in this case, chili and rice). :) There isn't a need to "invent" activities when things we do everyday as members are excellent opportunities for less actives and even non-members to be part of and feel the Spirit. Look for service opportunities in your Ward or city, advertise it, and have the various auxiliaries invite the less-actives (or non-members) to assist in the service project. It provides service, invites the Spirit, builds the Ward family, and allows others to be part of something we do as members all the time. If you're stumped, enlist your missionaries and have them brainstorm some ideas.
God be with you in your endeavors!!
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