MLS 3.1.3 Released

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MLS 3.1.3 Released

Postby aebrown » Wed Dec 23, 2009 5:07 pm

MLS 3.1.3 will be patched to administrative computers on the next Send/Receive. The full download is available on the MLS download site.

Release Notes:

General Changes
  • Corrected Stake Home Teaching Data Problem. The problem that prevented stakes and districts from receiving home teaching data has been corrected.
Changes Related to Membership
  • New and Returning Member Progress Form. There are additional New and Returning Member Progress forms for Chinese, Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.
  • Changes to Names of Positions (Callings) in Relief Society and Young Women. Based on direction from the general Relief Society and Young Women presidencies, names of some positions (callings) in the Relief Society and Young Women have changed. These position name changes are currently only available in English. Other MLS languages will be added in a future release.
Changes Related to Finance
  • New International Financial Audit Forms. Updated financial audit forms for units outside the U.S. and Canada are now available for Indonesian.

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