New Calendar and Directory sites

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New Calendar and Directory sites

Postby dobrichelovek » Mon Jan 04, 2010 3:54 pm

I can get to the calendar link, but the directory site seems to be down (for many days). Is this going to be back up anytime soon?

Additionally, I can't seem to add a calendar or event on the calendar site. Is this the type of feedback you want through that site? I LOVE the export feature that allows me to view my subscribed calendars from Google calendars or Outlook. Good work!

tomw wrote:It is not the IT group that makes decisions at the church as to what projects to work on. It is other departments. The IT group serves as a service department for all other departments when they have IT needs. It is well understood and well known that there are significant challenges to the existing local unit websites. The course has been to work on the new version of the product instead of focusing on the old. However the new version is mired down in a much bigger vision than just local unit websites per say. Therefore it is taking longer to release it. However it is coming along nicely. Anyone who wants to see the direction can visit and to see the progress we are making. Both of these projects have teams internally working full time to release them but also are open for community involvement.


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