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BrightSign Glove

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2024 2:35 pm
by alexmatheson1

Forward to translation dept & special curriculum.

A "glove" that translates "signed" languages into 40 "voiced" languages & has an Android app.

Re: BrightSign Glove

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2024 11:46 am
by BrianEdwards
alexmatheson1 wrote: Fri Mar 01, 2024 2:35 pmForward to translation dept & special curriculum.
I noticed you made a similar request in your other post here. For your awareness, the Tech Forum has no connection to any official Church departments, and is primarily user-to-user discussion. While the occasional Church employee might participate, there's no reliable expectation that anything posted here will make it into a Church system for consideration. I'm not aware of any direct email or other way to contact the group you mention (translation & special curriculum), other Forum members might know that info.

In the meantime, sharing your thoughts via the Feedback functionality at the bottom of most Church webpages, is usually suggested as a way to get ideas like yours into the Church's system for their consideration.