Budget - Primary 8-11

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Budget - Primary 8-11


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As the bishop in our ward, I spend time developing the quarterly budget allocation, estimating the year off of the two previous quarters. There is one piece of data that is not included in the unit statistics report that would be helpful in this process. Would it be possible to add the number of primary children 8 -11 to the unit statistics report? This would give all of the data necessary to calculate the budget allocation amount each quarter from two sources - the unit statistics report and the quarterly report and not require my clerk to print separately a custom report for this group.


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As stake clerk I have analysed the the primary figures from the report and what percentage in each ward and branch are in the 8-11 age group. I have found that by using an average of this figure in my forecast calculations for budget allocations that I have never been far out in the estimates when compared with the actual amounts received. I have used this method for a number of years, rechecking that the percentage is still a valid basis. I've not had to change the figure yet.

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