I think the e-maill addresses just synced...sort of

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I think the e-maill addresses just synced...sort of


Post by nutterb »

I just got an angry note from my wife. Her not caused me to cheer, which then aggravated her anger. Anyway, here's the situation:

Her primary LDS Account address is: emailA@web-address.com
Her LUWS directory display address is: emailB@home.com

She prefers the messages from LUWS be sent to emailB, since she checks that regularly. She only checks emailA about once a week.

However, suddenly, today, a message from LUWS was delivered to emailA. We logged into her LDSAccount, to verify the primary and LUWS addresses, and they are displayed as she wants them.

So, first question...does this mean that the synchronization between all the different systems has taken place (I'm assuming it does)?

Second question...was this the intended behavior? That the primary address gets the e-mail broadcasts instead of the chosen display address?

Now, further into the rabbit hole. I log into LUWS and click the e-mail link for her name. I get the message window and it sends e-mail to emailB (where she wants it to go).

However, when she sends me an e-mail, it gets sent from emailA, which is not the one that appears on the directory.

So, are we sufficiently confused yet?
1) broadcast e-mails get sent to the LDS Account primary e-mail
2) direct e-mails get sent to the preferred display e-mail
3) direct e-mails get sent from the LDS Account primary e-mail
4) the preferred display e-mail is what is seen by others looking at the directory

Shouldn't all of the activity on LUWS be the preferred display e-mail?

And another question: Under which system would I send this feedback?
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Post by mfmohlma »

Yes, I have noticed that the emails have synced. I actually added an email for one of my children through the beta directory this last week. Then after writing some checks at the church this Wednesday, during the transmission my child's email address was added to MLS. It also appeared on the old LUWS. Strange thing is that my child isn't even signed up for an LDS Account yet, so email updates are possible within a family from the new directory and without an LDS account.

I did send a broadcast email yesterday, and noticed some different addresses in there. Sure enough, it appears to have not been sent to the LUWS display addresses, but to what probably is the LDS account main address. I'd report the bug in both places (LUWS and LDS Account) to make sure someone sees it. This probably resulted from the last-minute change to even have a separate address for LUWS. Remember originally that they were just going to use the LDS Account email and sync it to everything?
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