Attendance Rolls for Prospective Elders

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Attendance Rolls for Prospective Elders

Postby alan.richardson » Sun Feb 14, 2010 5:01 pm

Noticed an odd bug when printing an attendance roll for only Prospective Elders (who by default are within the High Priests, but can be filtered when within the High Priests organization screen (the top half of the screen lists the leadership, then below that is a list of all members (or only HPs, or only PEs, etc.)).

Selecting the PRINT link next to the sort drop down (not the Print button at the bottom of the page which would have provided all the info on the page (leadership AND members) provides the standard organizational print window, which allows for printing, standard, abbreviated, birhday, or attendance rolls.

The bug appears after reviewing the PE's attendance roll. The attendance dates after the current date are "dashed out" for the rest of the period (similar to printing lists for YM/YW near their 12th birthday (they are not counted before the 12th birthday, then afterwards are eligible to have their attendance recorded there).

We are running 3.1.5. Haven't noticed this before, but I usually print attendance rolls from the Print Rolls/Lists window and selecting HPs or Elders, where this problem doesn't occur. But it would be easier to keep the PEs on a separate attendance roll when calculating end of month/quarter stats.

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