Quarterly report -- why only report last month of quarter?

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Qtrly Report and the Stake


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I think we are overlooking something here. The Stake has total access to MLS and reviews these trends too. And everything run up hill.
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My Stake had issues with attendance due to Snow Conditions in December as well. What really is my biggest concern is that Budget dollars come from those counts.

The Budget counting is always been a concern for me. I live in an area where we are a good 4 hours away from our Temple. With the direction to use commercial transportation for extended trips, it becomes very expensive to go to the Temple, and sometimes 1/4 of the budget is dedicated to paying these expenses. However, units that live close to the temple don't have to put out that kind of expense, essentially making those in outlying areas or areas where member population is not as dense getting less bang for their budget dollar.
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As a ward clerk for over 5 years and now a stake clerk I was very proactive in getting auxiliary leaders to report to me monthly (vs quarterly).

I created monthly reporting sheets for the auxileries to report their attendance. This resolved a lot of issue I had in getting 'quarterly' reports done and was helpful in analyzing trends within the ward. I set up a simple spread sheet for sacrament meeting attendance which gave us continual monthly averages.

Each quarter our ward's report was in on time. If our numbers were low (or high) we were able to see a complete picture of the year vs quarterly snap shots (which is the minimum requirement).

I have encouraged the wards clerks to do this in our stake I can not say that I am seeing any fruit just yet but I am hoping that the ward clerks will learn that they can eliminate scrambling each quarter by encouraging the Auxiliary leaders to report each month.

An added benefit of involving the auxiliaries each month created stronger stewardship in their callings. Our ward reaped the benefits of the Relief Society's visiting teaching results creating a system for keeping membership records updated by notifying me of move outs and inaccurate addresses etc.
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Those of us who were clerks way back when remember when reports were monthly. Then the church switched to quarterly.

I don't remember any explanation. Perhaps it was reduce and simplify. Perhaps it was to free up effort to concentrate on the saints.

I know we're used to monthly reports from other areas, be it 30 days of shopping or 22 days of work. But back then I know I wondered if a report every 4 Sundays was really the best use of resources or producing meaningful reports due to the small and frequent sample size.
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well - as a bishop, I would certainly appreciate a more accurate reflection of the facts, rather than snapshots, which are subject to all sorts of vagaries.

The most important info I ask my WC for is names of people not attending sacrament. He has to sit there checking people off the list - but, seeing trends forming of people not attending is a great way to nip a potential long-term situation in the bud.

Of course - ideally, each HT and VT would be doing that anyway - but, of course, in reality, that just isn't the case.

Reporting HT figures every 3rd month does indeed induce a "make sure you at least visit in the reporting month" kind of culture…
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Just help in looking at numbers!


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I have enjoyed this program!:)


Have fun!
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