MLS Admin access in Win XP Pro

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MLS Admin access in Win XP Pro

Postby rclarkin » Sat May 05, 2007 9:23 pm

We just upgraded to Desktop 5.5 this past week, which comes with Windows XP Pro as the OS. The instructions indicated that MLS had to run under an Administrator account on the OS in order to successfully send/recieve with SLC.

Can anyone tell me the reason for this? I'd like to run it under a Limited account, and if a specific folder or registry key requires elevated privledges, I'd like to know what those are so that I can grant the necessary privleges without necessarily giving Adminstrator access to the entire system. I've worked with XP for some time, and know that this can be done -- one only has to identify the registry key(s) or folders that require elevated privledges and then grant the limited user appropriate access to them.

In the interest of not spending time solving a problem that someone else has already solved, I thought that I would toss this out to the forum to see what everyone else's thoughts are, and if possible, get a list of those items that require elevated priveleges. Sure, I could trial-and-error it, but if someone else has already done so, I'd love to benefit from their experiences. :D

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