What Church Facilities are Closed?

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What Church Facilities are Closed?

Postby nathanhowe » Wed Mar 24, 2010 8:38 am

There's some big snow in Denver today, and many school districts and businesses are closed. Is the temple open? The cannery? LDS Family Services? There is no good way to find out until these facilities are scheduled to open, and by then many people who use them will already have driven there (or attempted to).

This problem could be much greater in a place like Utah with many more Church facilities open on weekdays.

My big idea is a central webpage where unexpected closures of non-meetinghouse Church facilities can be listed by area.

This would NOT be a place for wards to say "Mutual is canceled on Wednesday because Brother Jones is out of town." Rather, it would be a place for members and others who use Church services to find out about weather-related and other emergency-related closures for weekday activities at Church-administrated facilities.

I can see this applying to the following types of facilities and events (add more as needs become clearer):

-Visitor's centers
-Church-operated historical sites (e.g. Martin's Cove)
-Church-operated food processing plants
-Area offices
-Mission offices
-LDS Family Services offices
-Church Headquarters offices
-Welfare-related facilities (D.I. processing centers, welfare square, Bishop's Storehouses, employment centers, etc.)
-Family History Library (and possibly individual Family History Centers)
-Temple Square events (concerts, etc.)

Generally, the people who operate these facilities are informed of unscheduled closures, but there is not currently a good way to inform the patrons of these facilities, because people do not make appointments to visit many of them.
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Postby janetknit » Wed Mar 24, 2010 2:46 pm

I think this is a great idea. I live in Castle Rock, south of Denver, and had to call the Temple last week when we had a big snow storm as well.

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