Webcasting Video Capture Cards that Work

Using the Church Webcasting System, YouTube, etc. Including cameras and mixers.
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A Super Simple Solution!


Post by chadtew »

Add the following card to those that work: Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 950Q $90

@ BestBuy $90 it's called Hauppauge - PCTV HD Stick USB 2.0 TV Tuner with PVR.

I found this card sufficient and very easy to use. I wanted to go with a dedicated desktop with an Osprey Card solution but decided to keep it simple for now.

This WinTV-HVR 950Q is a small USB stick that accepts TV/RCA/S-Video as inputs.

I chose to use the TV Tuner as it was the simplest.
1. Install Software that came with device
2. Plug In > Tune to Channel 3 > Looks Good
3. Open up Church Webcast Software > Select WinTV-HVR 950Q > Tune to Channel 3
4. Start Webcast

Windows 7 (XP also Worked [Backup Laptop])
WinTV-HVR 950Q
Church provide Webcast Software
Slow Internet Connection 1.4 / 1.4Mbps

Laptop > WinTV-HVR 950Q > Coax Cable > Front of Satellite Cabinet TV connection

Using the TV Tuner Option was Super Easy. Audio/Video already synched from same source. Everyone is seeing the same thing. Whether they are at the stake center watching channel 3, or at remote locations. Any video switching is done away from the laptop setup.

+This setup can be placed anywhere you have a TV connection @church, you don't necessarily have to be next to the Satellite Cabinet.

Ran multiple tests with no issues. Stake Conference 2+ hours with no problems.
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Just got the Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro


Post by bshepher »

bfromm wrote:As an FYI, I recently used the Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro, and it worked great! It's a lot cheaper than the Osprey, and it does both analog and digital.

Just installed the new card and used the blackmagic console in the control panel to change the video source. The video comes through fine, but the audio doesn't come through. Any thoughts?

The larger issue that I am facing is that when I use the Blackmagic card as the source, webcast communicator crashes with the attached error
webcast error.jpg
webcast error.jpg (68.86 KiB) Viewed 1290 times
Did you do any special configuration for the Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro card?

I'm using a new computer with an i5 processor and 4GB memory.
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Post by sammythesm »

bshepher wrote:Did you do any special configuration for the Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro card?

I'm using a new computer with an i5 processor and 4GB memory.

No special configuration here. I just installed the card, loaded the drivers, and away I went. I can't speak for the HDMI input, though. I've only been using the composite in/out and audio in/out ports.
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Capture setup that works for us


Post by wkadams »

We have taken a rather simplistic approach to webcasting. We just finished our 5th webcast. We have tweaked our configuration a little over time and it is working well for us. Here is our configuration.
1- Computer - HP G42 laptop running Windows 7. At medium resolution the CPU is at 50%. I have set it for high resolution which exceeds our bandwidth but the CPU is at 60%. We are getting an internet upgrade next week so maybe we can go to the high resolution.
2- Video Capture - We use a USB Dazzle DVC100 (50 or 60 bucks) with composite video input. Our video feed comes right out of our satellite cabinet. We get a very descent picture. We haven't been able to get the audio through the card. The web is over run with this known problem
3- Audio Capture - So we do something here that is not recommended anywhere but we have found a way for it to work. We plug in the audio straight from our satellite cabinet (Chapel audio) to Mic In on the computer. The attached document describes how we have adjusted the computer settings. We don't use a mixer but could, we just haven't found a need for one. Depending on the computer, this may or may not be a good solution for everyone. But it works very well for us. We have not experienced any synching problems between audio and video. They are always right on.
4- Camera - We have used a couple of different cameras and both work fine. One is an older Sony CCD-TRV212. It is plugged into our Chapel video system at the back of the Chapel.

So that is our setup. We haven't had problems on the transmitting end. We have seen some problems on the receiving end but that has nothing to do with our setup. Receiving problems have been bandwidth related when we don't kill the wireless at the receiving location. In our last conference the speaker asked everyone to open their scriptures. At the receiving site, this overloaded our internet. We have always killed the wireless at the transmitting site and will now kill it at the receiving sites also. Lesson learned.

This seems to be a very good and robust setup and pretty simple. We have just used our personal equipment rather than buy any equipement with the exception of the Dazzle capture device. I had to be pretty insistent with our FM group to get the outputs we needed from the satellite cabinet. In our case, and I think in most cases, the needed signal sources are readily available in the cabinet, it is just a matter of getting access to them. Fortunately, we have internet available at our satellite cabinets. We actually have two buildings in our Stake setup to originate webcasting.
Adjusting Mic In.docx
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Re: Webcasting Video Capture Cards that Work


Post by kpeek »

We just finished our stake conference with the BlackMagic Design Intensity Pro card. the card is nice because it is a card (and this is the only type of video capture device currently recommended by the webcast tech group here, and it is cheaper than the Osprey cards. It also have both digital inputs (HDMI and Component) plus analog inputs including composite (and s-video if I recall correctly).
But with the current version of MeetingHouse Webcast, you will need to be careful not to choose the wrong video and audio drivers during installation or at any time thereafter. If you do, you will have errors.
But I have posted a fix for this mistake on March 25, 2013 by kpeek, entitled: Meetinghouse Webcast Encoder & BlackMagic Design Intensity Pro
Good luck to you and enjoy your broadcast!
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