online backup and file sharing "Dropbox"

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Re: online backup and file sharing "Dropbox"


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Well, Brazil is a third world country, technology here is always late. Church HQ in Sao Paulo never issued any statement regarding update to Win10 for ward/stake PCs. There are around 30 meetinghouses in my city and only 3 or 4 have Win10, and only because their old PC broke and the new one church sent was with Win10 already installed. So definitely is not some service shared with win10 or anything else. I still think it is a bug in FW rules.
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Re: online backup and file sharing "Dropbox"


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antonichen wrote:I still think it is a bug in FW rules.
By in large, the church relies on third-party filtering. This may be how that third party has classified OneDrive as opposed to the other file sharing services.
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