Offline HTML Version of Gospel Library

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Offline HTML Version of Gospel Library

Postby mrbitsch-p40 » Wed May 26, 2010 2:31 am

Maybe this as already been discussed and I've missed it, but looking around I wasn't able to find anything.

I'm have a Nokia n900, and I'm not holding out any hope of seeing the scriptures or gospel library on this device at any point.

I followed a slightly modified version of the instructions listed here (, modified such that I'd get more of the content, and I stopped at the HTML version and didn't create a PDF.

I ended up with an aprox. 400MB offline version of that can be viewed with any web browser, including the one on my n900.

I've been trying the same trick with the Gospel Principles manual, but I'm finding that the link structure is different then the scriptures, and because it links to sources like the online church magazines and conference talks, ends up trying to download WAY more then just the Gospel Principles manual.

Would it be possible to create an offline HTML version of the core Gospel Library (ie Scriptures, Gospel Doctrine manuals, Priesthood/Relief Society manuals, Aaronic Priesthood manuals, Hymns, etc) and package it for easy download on the Media Formats Page?

This would be a great tool for all those devices waiting for their own application, since most of them already have a web browser and could use this HTML version, even leaving the layout as it is on would be perfect.

I know the PDF versions of this material was probably created for this very reason, however the lack of internal document links makes the PDF versions VERY hard to use (trying to find a scripture in Matthew in the PDF file on a 3.2" screen a great way to practice patience).

Even if this HTML version was in the neighbourhood of 2-4GB I'd gladly take up the space on my device to have the ease of use I get with the online version. (which is what I use any place up the church, sadly when I'm in quorum meeting with my deacons I don't have any cell signal and can't get online)

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Postby lionelwalters » Wed May 26, 2010 7:40 pm

This doesn't directly answer your question, but there is good selection of LDS titles, including a fully footnoted version of the LDS Scriptures available for MobiPocket which is compatible with Nokia. The reader is free and can be installed on your device by going to Although the Scriptures are not an official Church release, I use them on my Nokia quite extensively and haven't found any errors yet.

The official titles, including Ensign magazines and curriculum items such as the Gospel Principles manual (it's the second Gospel Principles link) are here -- this does not include the Scriptures:,18495,344-1-81-1,00.html

Some additional free titles (including the Scriptures) is available here:

You can also purchase a "pocket library" of LDS titles here:

Hope this is of some use.


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Postby carljokl » Thu May 27, 2010 1:49 am

I would hope your device being a Nokia phone may be one of the kinds of devices able to benefit from the JavaME gospel library under development but that will have to wait until went/if it reaches completion.


Having looked up the technical details of this device it looks like it has a new operating system / platform is being used for the N900 and there is no mention of JavaME support for this so this phone may unfortunately not be compatible.
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