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Changing ward website administrator

Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2007 8:41 pm
by mndrix
Our Bishop would like to change the current ward website administrator. I've looked all through the ward website and not found any way for him to do this. What's the process for assigning a new admin?


Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2007 9:24 pm
by thedqs
The stake admin can assign and delete ward admins. If you don't have a stake admin the stake president would need to resolve that with CHQ.

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 10:24 am
by grhart-p40
If you are a Ward Admin, no need to wait on a Stake Admin. A Ward Admin can add or change Ward Admins. If no Ward Admin yet exits, then yes, a Stake Admin would need to assign one. If you are a Ward Admin:

1) select the "Administrator Options" in the lower left corner of the ward homepage.
2) select "Add or Change Administrators" on the left side of the green Admin page.

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 1:17 pm
by thedqs
Yes that works too, though I understood from the email that there was no Ward Admin. But thanks for the steps for those Ward Admins that were wondering.