Stack 3.0-RC5 Released!!!

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Stack 3.0-RC5 Released!!!


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Stack 3.0-RC5 has been released. This release is mostly a bug fix and library upgrade release with a few new features thrown in for good measure.
  • Custom Sonar Rules: We now have the ability to create our own custom Sonar rules. We have created several and hope to create many more in the future. Expect to start seeing some Stack specific violations in your projects as we work to get Sonar more involved in our development process.
  • Spring upgraded to 3.0.3. There is a critical security vulterability in Spring MVC versions prior to 3.0.3. It is highly recommended your project upgrade for this reason alone.
  • DB Migration Plugin refactoring: We had to perform some refactoring of our db plugin to work around some maven issues and made some minor improvements in the process. Unfortunatly these changes created upgrade steps. See below for more information on how to upgrade your project.
  • Support for a simple utility to enable projects to display build and version information in their applications.
To upgrade to this version of the Stack you must:
  • Update your master pom version to 3.0-rc5
  • Add the following plugin definition to your db/pom.xml:
  • Remove the oracle and stack-db-migrator dependencies for your project.

For a more complete list of fixes and changes in this release of the Stack you can view the change log: ... sion=10192


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