Standing in Sacrament Meeting to Sing Hymns

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THis is not complicated


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Sacrament meeting and stake conf. are under the direction of the presiding authority. if they stand for a hymn, then you stand. If they do not then you don't. Several choristers have had have this explained to them, and I am sure that several more in the future will need this instruction as well.
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In one of our Stake Conferences a few years ago, the visiting General Authority, one of the Seventy, sorry, I don't remember his name, instructed Stake and Ward leaders that the decision to stand during a hymn is up to the presiding authority, not the choir director or any one else. If there is to be standing during a hymn, it should be approved in advance by the presiding authority, and the director will then signal the congregation to stand at the appropriate time.
He also said that if we don't see the presiding authority stand, we should not, either, regardless of what the director does.
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