Captioning Stake Conference

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Captioning Stake Conference

Postby Sara R-p40 » Sun Aug 01, 2010 6:47 pm

I am being trained as a Typewell transcriptionist for the deaf, to work at a state university. Typewell's software uses abbreviations so the transcriptionist can type quickly and keep up with speech. The transcriber and the deaf client both have laptops that are linked wirelessly, and the deaf reads the transcript real time during the class.

You can find out more about Typewell's system on these videos:

I was thinking that this kind of service would also be valuable during stake and regional conferences, or regular ward meetings. The church has always been great about providing sign language interpreters, but not all deaf people are proficient in sign language. In addition it is easier to train Typewell transcriptionists than sign language interpreters.

Has the church considered this system?

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