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Strategy for "new" sites


Post by sammythesm »

Can someone explain the logic for using "new" when launching new church websites. More specifically, please help me understand what the roadmap is for making just be

In our stake, we've been watching the development of with great interest. We are really excited to use the calendar, contacts, and membership/MLS integration. But the problem is, all our members go to "". If we start training them to go to "" - when does cease to exist?

In other words, is "new" a staging ground? Or is it where the site will be forever hosted?

I ask this because has been "New" now for 2 years or so. What will we call the next version of familysearch?

I see the logical difference between new.familysearch and familysearch (new is focused on temple ordinances), but wouldn't have been more appropriate. Maybe for the members/units websites?

Bottom line - when will the old site be deprecated and the new site take over?

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Post by aebrown »

WhiteEyebrows wrote:Can someone explain the logic for using "new" when launching new church websites. More specifically, please help me understand what the roadmap is for making just be
The is indeed a staging process -- it's used when a site is in a late beta. Eventually it will indeed become so that anyone who goes to will see the new site. There has been no announcement of precisely when that will be, but I would guess it's in the next few months.

How much you train your members to go to just depends on how proactive you want to be with getting a headstart on the new site. Each stake has to make that decision. They can jump on it right now, or they can wait until it is if they'd like. It's just a tradeoff between being prepared sooner at the potential cost of some confusion for members.

This is the pattern the Church has used before. We saw it with that was in place for a while, but now the new site is simply

The same thing will happen with, but for a variety of reasons unique to that site, it has been in the "new" state for quite a bit longer than was or will be. But there will come a day when it will simply be
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Post by allenjblodgett »

I'm interested in the design of the video player. There seems to be serveral designs of it.
  1. Youth site
  2. October 2009 General Conference & Earlier
  3. & April 2010 General Conference
The Youth site's video player features "share" "embed", "dim lights" button, which I have not seen anywhere else & a Closed Caption button.

The video player used October 2009 General Conference & Earlier pages has none of the above stated. The only options are "Full Screen" & volume.

The April 2010 General Conference video player is designed a little bit more like the BYU TV website's video player. This one has the "share" & "embed" buttons, however there is something new, there are "get link" & "get code".

So the reason for explaining this...
I'm wondering why are there differences in design? will they be changed?
How was this designed? Was this done by the church or some other online video player?
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Post by DaltonTM »

According to the home page of current, will become the official on or shortly after the 10th of November. (Note it doesn't say what year...jk)

As to the video player, 1 and 2 in your list are actually the same player configured differently. This player is what we have affectionately called the "LDS Universal Player". It was developed in house, and is a flash based player.

Number 3 in your list (the latest Conferences) is a new 3rd party player that we are starting to use because of our streaming needs. It is likely you will see it show up on more sites in coming months.

Hope that helps!
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