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Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:11 pm
by aebrown
mojo_jojo wrote:
Alan_Brown wrote:The challenge with this is helping people to know that they really should enter their phone number and email address, even if they choose not to display it to the general stake membership. Of course leaders also need to be aware of this and be discreet with this information which the members chose not to make more broadly available.
Maybe they could gray out the number to designate that it was a hidden/unpublished numbers and email addresses. That's the way it is for the website admin on the LUWS.
The new directory has chosen other ways (even better than LUWS) to indicate to a leader that he is viewing private information:
  1. In the Members list, there is a padlock icon to the right of the name of each household that is private.
  2. In the printed directory, there is a Display Option for leaders to select whether or not private households will be displayed. If private households are displayed, then there is a double asterisk by each household, and a footer with the same double asterisks that says "This printout is intended for ward leaders only!"

Two phone numbers not an option yet?

Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:53 pm
by pierce1of5
With Cell phones becoming an everyday personal appliance. Having only one number listed per family is kind of 1950's thinking. Maybe it could be one number maximum per person in the website. There are many teenagers that could have a number listed as well as their parents 2 numbers. You wouldn't need to have cell numbers listed at all if the cost air time is the issue or privacy is a concern. It would be good to have in times of emergency. Making it an option seems the way to go.;)