Popcorn Hour like (NMT) Method For Meeting House Media

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Popcorn Hour like (NMT) Method For Meeting House Media

Postby crees » Sun Sep 12, 2010 9:26 pm

Perhaps this has already been suggested but if not here it is

I am in no way promoting this brand but I once thought how neat it would be to build a custom Network Media Tank (also commonly known as Popcorn Hour or NMT appliance) to organize and display all of the church media. The NMT project I beleive is open source and there are several manufactures that make the media appliance.

With this idea Music, Videos and Pictures can all be stored on a Media appliance that can be easily updated via USB or the Network via Internet. For the tech savvy the NMT uses custom HTML pages to organize and display Media. The NMT also has has the ability to play Media Streams (like Meeting House Broadcasts) so it would be an easy receiver appliance for those who broadcast Stake Conference to remote ward buildings etc.

The idea would also allow easy updating via USB drive or internet that receives allowed media from the lds.org with the updated HTML files.

Once in the teachers or leaders hand (or checked out from the library), they can browse the menus by category, lesson, or media stream. If the teacher is pulling up a CTR Class the lesson, the system will display pictures, music or Videos relative to the lesson.

Just some ideas

Br. Rees

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