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MLS 2.3f6

Postby waltbristow » Tue Jul 24, 2007 5:04 pm

We had 2.6 pushed to us this weekend. The software requested a unit refresh. After that refresh a problem we had observed in the past happened again. But this time we're not sure how to 'fix' it. The refresh affected families where the husband is not a member and the wife if. After the refresh, the member wife had her "Household Position" status changed from 'Spouse' to 'Other'.

In the past we've simply manually changed it back because earlier MLS versions let you assign a member as spouse of the head of household. That option apparently doesn't exist any more.
The consequences? When we print a telephone directory, nonmember husbands show as the only name. In other words, someone who looks at the directory and doesn't know the facts would believe the nonmember husband is single. The same shows up in the Abbreviated Directory. In Household Reports, only the nonmember husband's name is on the first line (the one with big print). In the Directory of Members it's a little different. Now the member wife shows as a "child" in the family.

I haven't figured out how to restore a nonmember husband as head of household. (Well, actually, it appears that you can create a nonmember record and make him the head of household. You can then open that record and add an unmarried member. The "couple" appears on the directories. However, you can't do the same if the woman is married. At least I haven't figure out how.) is there a work around available?

Any idea why a member husband and nonmember wife work just fine, but it doesn't work if the husband is not a member and the wife is?

There appears to be another consequence. We have a woman who was sealed to her deceased husband. She then married a man who is not a member of the Church. She is showing up in the list of single adults. She also shows up in a Custom Report with the criteria Marriage Date has a value AND Member Status is not Married.

If this is something other than from our data, these problems make the use of the various directories impossible. If you were a woman who was a member of the Church married to a man who is not a member, how would you feel about seeing your husband's name on Church directories as, apparently, a single man?

And how do we distribute that list of single adults with the name of a woman we know is married?

More critically, if these problems exist, what other membership data has been changed? I feel like I have to go back to hard copies of all IOS pages and check every bit of data to make sure nothing else has been lost or changed?

Any suggestions?

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More on MLS 2.6f problem with nonmember husbands

Postby waltbristow » Thu Jul 26, 2007 4:07 am

I mentioned a possible workaround -- creating a nonmember record and then adding the member spouse. That's not quite complete. You can create a nonmember record and then, in the sister's records, add the nonmember as her husband. Of course, if she is already married, that probably means terminating the marriage and then recreating that marriage. That seems to work. Of course, I'm not certain what other implications that has.

The problem appears to be related to the refresh of membership data the software automatically requested. We've noted this problem in the past (and have reported it). That refresh has the effect of changing the "Household Position" of a sister married to a nonmember from "Spouse" to "Other".

The difference is that in the past we've been able to manually assign a spouse to the head of house. That functionality appears to have been removed in this latest version. As a result, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to fix the problem.


The other issue, the sister who is married but is showing on the list of Single Adults, may be caused because she was previously sealed to her now deceased husband. She then married a man who is not a member. That's the only thing I've been able to see that distinguishes her from the other single sisters.

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Postby runstodboy-p40 » Fri Jul 27, 2007 2:17 pm


I just sent you a PM about this issue. A new patch has been staged and is ready for download. can you do a send and receive and see if you're still experiencing problems?


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