Request a clarification on usage of non-church owned websites

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RonaldF wrote:The problem is that the members have no way of knowing that their information is being posted to a non church server. They trust that the church is protecting their information. I know that I am being very picky about this, especially considering the amount of information that is available online about all of us. We as church members and leaders should conduct ourselves at a higher standard. Just because the world does something doesn’t mean we should do it. If the leadership of the church says RAR is Ok, then I would be all for it. It appears to be a great tool. I guess every one has to do what they feel comfortable with.

If you do not feel comfortable with your ward using RAR, you can feel free to ask them to discontinue it or, better yet, ask them to remove your name from it. However, I believe that the benefit far outweighs any concerns about privacy -- especially since we're only dealing with public record information. Anyone who does not want to participate does not need to use the system. Participation is totally optional.

In the 4 years that RAR has existed, I have only heard of 2 cases where a person did not like their name being stored on the website. In those cases, their names were promptly removed. The only other complaint I've heard was from 2 other individuals who felt that the name of the website was blasphemous. No matter what you do, you can't please everyone. is not for everyone, but I continue to maintain it for those who are excited about it and continue to benefit from it.

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Interesting on this conversation, as I have seen one instance on this forum in which a person has asked to "opt out" of the online LDS directory. Kind of the same deal, and just let people opt out if they want.
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Web Hosting & Personal Internet Use


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Using the updated guidelines (Church Internet policy, Handbook 2: Administering the Church (2010), 21.1.22), I would like to create a website (not a blog) to help me manage my group (or aux.). I was wondering if anyone the Church had webhosting capabilities or if anyone could recommend a good one (that's free).
Personal Internet Use

When you use blogs, social networks, e-mail, or other Internet technologies:
  • Mention the Church and link to approved Church materials when appropriate. You may share or copy Church media—including images, videos, and text found on official Church websites—if permission to do so is indicated on the website. Typically a “share” button or link is provided to indicate that you may share content. You may also refer to the site Terms of Use for further details. You may ask for permission to use other Church media online by sending an e-mail to
  • Express your personal witness of the restored gospel as you feel impressed to do so, led by the Spirit. The message should be personal and not given as if you were speaking for the Church. Go to and click Menu at the top middle of the page. Under The Church, click Sharing the Gospel Online for helpful information.
  • Develop your own materials that effectively convey your message.
  • Do not form groups or develop websites or blogs that give the impression that they officially represent or are sponsored by the Church.
Personal Internet Use in Church Callings

When used appropriately, electronic communication, such as e-mail and Internet postings, can help Church members coordinate the work of the Church, strengthen faith, and minister to the needs of others. However, electronic communication should not replace opportunities for in-person contact, such as interviews and stewardship reports.
The following guidelines apply if you create a personal website or blog or use other Internet tools as part of your Church calling:
  • State that it is not an official Church website.
  • Include your name and contact information as the person responsible for the website.
  • Refer, as appropriate, to your calling and the name of the Church, along with the name of the local unit and organization in which you serve. However, do not state or imply that the website or the information is sponsored or endorsed by the Church.
  • Place links, as appropriate, to official Church websites on your personal websites. These links may contain graphics with Church logos. However, do not imitate or use the Church logo in other ways.
  • Obtain proper permission before using artwork, music, or other materials if permission is not indicated on the website you take it from.
  • Understand and comply with privacy laws in the area where you live. Privacy laws typically require that people be notified and that they grant express permission before their personal information may be collected, shared, or used in public settings.
  • Use personal information found in stake and ward directories or other Church records only for Church purposes. This information should be shared carefully and only with those who need to access it to fulfill Church callings and assignments.
  • Store or display others’ personal information on your website, blog, social network, or other publically visible software application only after notifying each person and obtaining his or her express permission.
  • Safeguard personal information. It should not be included in electronic messages, such as e-mail, text messages, or instant messages.
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Re: Request a clarification on usage of non-church owned websites


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Hi everyone,
I found an App that improves home teaching reporting and gives us on line links to the home teaching message each month. One a family has been visited it even have a template to use for emailing home teaching reports.

Here's the thing it is not sanctioned by the church, yet if it was I am 100%coifident it would be a great success.

It goes with A of F 13. So I want to know will the church allow us to use such apps.

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Re: Request a clarification on usage of non-church owned websites


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This is a very old thread and some things have changed. You can read the current policy at Pay attention to item #6 "Other people’s personal information must never be displayed."

There's also the matter of Meetinghouse Technology Policy, section 4.9.3 and 4.9.4.

Personally, I think inputting information about other members without their consent into a non-church website is a bad idea no matter what the motive.
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Re: Request a clarification on usage of non-church owned websites


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Thank you for your feedback it is greatly appreciated.
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