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Post by russellhltn »

allen.blodgett wrote:Just an idea, how about the church does all that Fast Sunday stuff?
I assume you're talking about the "exception for a repeating event" feature two posts up. Certainly Fast Sunday is one of the issues that needs to be dealt with, and General Conference causes two of those exceptions every year.

However, more exceptions can be created from Stake or even Ward Conferences. So it's something that will need to be handled at a local level rather then handed down from CHQ.

However, a specific Fast Sunday feature to the calendar wouldn't be a bad idea. It's something that all units need, and it might make it easer to tie other events to "same as Fast Sunday" or even Sundays before or after Fast Sunday.

It wouldn't completely eliminate the need for exceptions for repeating events, but it would take care of the most common need.
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Post by Kyrandita »

Seeing as has the meeting times and location of every ward/branch already... I don't imagine the meetings being planned "standard" from CHQ wouldn't be a bad start, but I agree with Russell, there are more exceptions than just the church wide events to deal with...

It's possible that Each stake could input a standard description and location of where General Conference is Broadcast, so that could be an automatic exception... and if Fast Sunday is designated merely by the "Description" than that should be simple to paste in on those occasions...

If church meeting were added into a "hidden" calendar that didn't show up on the subscribe list but subscribed to by all, and were only editable by admins... I know that single occurrence Exceptions are possible on the beta since I use them to handle our weekly Lesson calendar (made one, only edit the description on the rest...)

It doesn't necessarily solve things like Stake Conference automatically, each ward would still have to cancel their separate meetings while the Stake would input the Conference (again onto a stake-level hidden but auto-subscribed calendar) but it would get the job done...

Of course those "edits" would have to be restricted to that single occurence so as not to "accidentally" erase the entire years meetings until it caught back up to CHQ putting them back in... if it even works that way...

If Stake and Ward Conference were to always be on the same sundays every time this could probably be fixed by a recurring exception to a recurring event... but I've never actually seen something like that so...

Anyway, I hope my ideas are worth something, I'd like to help on the programming side of things but until I learn more than HTML and CSS I'm stuck with just thinking conceptually...
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Post by mesmith »

jbh001 wrote: It would be nice for members to be able to make electronic donations to the ward/branch via the LUWS. These could be processed via ACH transactions and email services such as PayPal, maybe even via debit/ATM card.
I really love this idea. There could be a web form to designate the different buckets of the donation and PayPal can debt the checking account directly. I realize there could be a transaction fee, but I am even willing to pay that myself.
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Post by lajackson »

ubuntuFan wrote:I really love this idea. There could be a web form to designate the different buckets of the donation and PayPal can debt the checking account directly. I realize there could be a transaction fee, but I am even willing to pay that myself.

There have been a number of threads about electronic donations that may be of interest to you, including this one.
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Filter ward directory based on time in ward (move in date or record request date)


Post by SparkyMartin »

I think a great way to allow ward members to fellowship recent move-ins is if they have an easy way to identify who those recent move-ins are. I live in a ward where there are quite a few move-ins on a regular basis. My wife and I love to make treats on Sunday and take them to ward members. Our first priority would be recent move-ins in order to welcome them into the ward, but many times these move-ins do not get read in during sacrament meeting, so we are left guessing as to who is new and who is not. If the ward directory could be filtered based on move-in date (date records were moved into the ward), we could easily identify the folks who are newer than us that we have not met yet. This could be very useful to bishoprics as well, but I would like this information available to ward membership. This could be filtered by:

-New members this week (last 7 days)
-New members this month (last 30 days)
-New members in the last 90 days
-New members in the last 6 months
-New members in the last year
-Custom date range
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Post by rontilby »

The Member and Leader Services (MLS) software in each ward has the capability to produce a 'recent move-ins report' including various pre-defined date ranges as well as custom date range capability. The LDS.ORG web site also has this capability, although not quite as flexible, available to Bishopric members and the ward clerk.

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