New store site - No bishop's order for commodities form?

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bishop's order form


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This work-around may be functional for a time.

Went to Distribution Center web page ( ... &langId=-1)

Logged into our ward account.
Was referred to the New LDS Store.
Went to the Store and logged-in with my personal identity because it wouldn't recognize the ward's.
Looked for 33585 Bishop's food order form, until I remembered this thread.
Logged out of the Store.
Used my link to go back to Distribution Center pages, and just happened to still be logged-in.
Found the form and order several packs.

I wonder if we just ignore the Dist. Center referral message we can still access ward accounts?

Merry Christmas !!
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Re: New store site - No bishop's order for commodities form?


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Here it is Feb. 2016 and apparently nothing has changed. Neither ward nor stake clerk could find it online.
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