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Printing in


Post by yumanelson-p40 »

I am a Bishop, and I love all of the reports and data I can get on the new website. My problem is I cannot get the reports to print correctly. The data is cut off. How can get them to print out and look like they do on my screen?
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Post by russellhltn »

What web browser are you using? There are various issues that could come into play such as the web browser, the version and even the printer.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

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Post by JamesAnderson »

Long lists will do it every time no matter what software is used. About the only exception is .pdf files which separate pages, and you can see how that will look before you print one. If you've prepared names for temple work in new FamilySearch in the last 15 months, you've seen how this works with lists, some lists I've seen go up to 50 names. Maybe someday they will add a .pdf print feature to reports.

Did you do a 'print preview' when you prepared to do the print run on anything that would do multiple pages, etc.? That might help you decide what font size to print it in (done by zooming in or out depending on the list layout, in MSIE 8 or Firefox).
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Post by pwilson »

I find the best way to print reports is to use Firefox and use the Print Preview function. You can then use the scale function to help make the reports fit more appropriately and make more data show up on every page shortening how much room it takes up.
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try pdf conversion?


Post by kisaac »

I had a similar problem. For what I needed, I downloaded a freeware PDF generating software - it creates a "printer subsystem." Similiar to JamesAnderson's comment. When I choose "print," it appears as a printer, but actually just makes a pdf file and saves whatever i'm printing. If you send me a private message, I'll send you the link to the freeware I used, as then I'm not "promoting it." (Yes, in keeping with stake/church direction, it's only installed on my home computer, not the wards' MLS computer.)

These PDF's can then be pulled up and printed, and it worked for me when my "key indicators" graph wouldn't print correctly. As a bonus, this is a good way to print these things and send them via email to bishopric counselors who can't yet access all the new toys. Worked great to email our quarterly report printed off "clerk and leader" tools, as now I don't need to print it off, then scan it into PDF format, then email. The resolution is better as well.
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PDF generating software


Post by pete_arnett-p40 »

PDF generating software can be found at

click on Additional Local Unit Software

and download and install CutePDF™ Writer (2MB-Writer & 5MB-Converter) Print driver for documents to be printed from MLS and other applications in PDF file format to save paper and toner use.
or go to their website

Create PDF documents on the fly — for Free!
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