Linking scripture software

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Linking scripture software


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I've been playing with some mainstream Christian apps that allow users to link multiple books to the Holy Bible. The two I have played around with the most are and Both allow users to read the bible and like the scripture resource cd to mouse over see the hebrew/greek but also see any relevant commentary, dictionary and link to other books within your library.

It is very interesting to read the scriptures and see how mainstream Christianity interprets the scripture and how it contrasts at times with our views. I doubt we will ever see our books (in any great quantity) in their software since according to them we are a cult.

However, it would be nice to have something similar for all the church publications. The closest thing we have is Gospel Link 2001 but Deseret Book no longer maintains this. I've played with YanceyWare for the desktop but sadly cannot figure how to do any searches through the entire library or even through an entire book, just single pages; even then it falls short of the capabilities of The Word or E-Sword software. Not too mention but the mainstream Christian community has really put together a comprehensive library of different translations of the Bible and religious texts that are available from free to nominal fees, see

Is there any comparable projects going on in the LDS community?
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