Problems but some progress meetinghouse communicator

Using the Church Webcasting System, YouTube, etc. Including cameras and mixers.
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Problems but some progress meetinghouse communicator


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If you have read my thread about not being able to run meetinghouse comm beta 3.0, well the story continues with some remedy and a further problem.
1) once I got home and connected to the lan I was able to access the comm as normal, so first step get some lan cable and not wireless.
Problem, help!
1) I attached my jvc domestic camcorder and the picture is fine.
2) I want to attach a mixer so I tried both the audio in and the mic sockets using an ipod to test the sound.
First I tried the audio in and set the default on settings to audio in.
I also set the default audio on the live input devices (which shows a picture of the camera) to audio in.
I then started test webcast and the sound from the ipod is showing in the vol bars of the comm software.
I also set my default to line in for windows.
But when I started test webcast and watched on laptop no sound?
The same happens when I used the microphone in and set that as default.
Is my camera stopping me from changing audio?
If it is, why do the volume bars work in sync with my ipod playing?
When I pause the ipod the vol bars stop?
I thought I might need to be clearer so to add in summary!
My video camera is connected to beta 3.0 meetinghouse comm
So is my ipod.
I set the ipod ie line in as audio default in general settings and on the live input
The sound bars show the line in (ipod) as audio.
Yet the sound from the camera is broadcast and not the line in?
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