Suggestion for LUWS plugin system

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Suggestion for LUWS plugin system


Post by kalebpederson »

Given all of the discussion that has been going on surrounding Local Unit Web Sites (LUWS) and different unofficial websites, I think it would be great if the church could provide a plugin system for LUWS. The church could provide a testbed or test harness that could be used by developers to develop website plugins that could be made available to all units or a subset of units.

I could see it working something like the following:
  1. A testbed or test harness is provided to developers, along with a set of guidelines and standards
  2. The developer develops applications on the test system in accordance with policies and guidelines
  3. The developer flags the application as ready for approval
  4. Once audited/approved by appropriate officials, the plugin could be made available to LUWS and stored in an appropriate version control system
  5. Optionally, different units could participate in beta testing the plugins
  6. The developer could still make improvements and submit patches which could then be tested and/or approved by officials and pushed out to LUWS.
  7. Optionally, each plugin could be allowed/disallowed by the stake and/or ward
Admittedly, it would take some time to administer such a program, but given the time that has been put into different unofficial websites, this might be a great way to harness the energy and needs of individuals and units.


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Post by WelchTC »

I agree with you on this. We have discussed creating a plugin architecture at length here but there are no definite plans as of yet. Currently, however, some people are doing some clever things with greasemonkey scripts or IE plugins.


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