New Feature "Broadcast email" wishlist

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New Feature "Broadcast email" wishlist

Postby kisaac » Tue Dec 14, 2010 11:29 am

While we have some features for "broadcast email" functions for the new site, found in the "leaders and clerk resources," here is my "wishlist" for improvements down the road:

1) BCC (blind carbon Copy) feature: This really must happen-We don't want all the emails leaked! As it is now, when an email is sent, all recipients are listed at the top. This should not be the case, but there is no other option currently. Not just for those members that want to keep their email private, but leadership may send emails and not want the recipients to see who else received it.

2) "Email all members" category. Useful for ward activity reminders, funeral arrangement notices, emergencies, etc. This is important! LUWS has this ability, and I find myself going to it often. It should be available only to leaders!

3) Some kind of report on what was sent and who it went to: "your email has been sent" in a pop up is not enough! In LUWS, an email "report" is sent to the sender, listing the contents and who it was sent to. This can then be filed, or it can be given to the bishop as a follow-through report (return and report.)

3) report or listing of "bounces." Whose email is not being delivered?

4) Dreaming here: File system to save frequently used emails, or templates? I must re-write each email because they cannot be saved as a template or archived as a "sent" copy.

5) Formatting or styles? it would be nice to bold or underline on occasion, or add a link to the ward website, include a picture, map, etc

6) ability to specify who the sender is. Right now it always comes from the actual sender, but in some cases, the bishop directs his clerk or secretary to email on his behalf, and he may wish it to come from himself if somebody needs to reply via email, and not have it reply to his clerk.

6) how about SMS (broadcast txts?)

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