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New My Study Notebook

Posted: Thu Dec 23, 2010 8:36 am
by allenjblodgett
I'm really liking the new format, it is much easier to navigate. They finaly put in the journal entries and 2 different ways to view your highlighted scriptures/talks.

They put a bar like the one on facebook for chat that includes a place for bookmarking, creating a journal entry, sharing and the ability to show/hide highlights.

They created a great new way to highlight, now all you have to do is drag your cursor and it makes the highlight, then assign colors or under line and notes or tags.

The new My Study Notebook page has 2 ways to view your highlights, list view & preview view. On the list view, when hovering over the item icons for moving, editing, and trashing highlights are shown. In the preview view, icons & words appear when hovering.

Every where in the My Study Notebook has buttons for adding a journal entry and adding a new collection.