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I am just beginning to look at the map feature in LDS maps due to a request by the Stake President. After reading this thread I really wish that as the stake clerk I had the rights to move households. By virtue of ward boundaries, the bishop of another ward just lives across the street from me (actually in another subdivision). When I look at the map it shows a member of his ward residing in my ward area. I need to get on with the project the Stake President gave me but I don't like having to call the ward clerk of the other ward (or in this case three wards) when I see an error that I could simply resolve myself and get on with it.

Is there anyway we can voice a request for church directors of LDS maps to allow the stake clerk to have access to moving households? The simplest rationale for doing this is that we are looking at boundry changes and a possible new ward. I hate to keep asking ward clerks to move households when I find an error and have them start passing rumors that the stake is up to something and then getting the "natives" all restless on the reservation, if you know what I mean.

Is there anyone directly involved at CHQ with LDS Maps that any of you know about that we could discuss this with? Thanks for any help you can give.
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