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Discussions around the Android version of the Gospel Library application.
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Post by dklaversma »

I'm sorry to "ping" you yet again, but I was wondering if you have any update since your post in October regarding how close we are to acquiring Gospel Library for the Color NOOK?
I recently install GL on my new Android phone and it's a wonderful application. I'm very anxious, and hopeful, to find it available for the NOOK.
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Nook Tablet


Post by miketdollar »

It would be fantastic if we could get the gospel library and other LDS apps on the nook devices. I just got one and though I will likely eventually just root the thing (can't stand being locked out of the other Android Markets :mad: ), I make it a rule to live within "the box" until my hardware warranty runs out. Does anyone have any update as to if the Gospel Library app was approved or not? I've seen other versions of the standard works in their market place but I love the integration the Gospel Library has with the church's new bookmarks, notes, etc... features. Funny thing was the first time I typed in "Gospel" in their app market search, on my nook "Gospel Library Latter Day Saints" was the top 3rd search suggestions.

Any news would be helpful and keep up the great work. I'm a SQA Automation Engineer and I've been astounded by what the church has come out with over the past 3-5 yrs.
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Gospel Library is finally available in the B&N app store now.

http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/lds-gos ... y+nook+app
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Post by mjone88 »

The app is now in the Barnes & Noble store (has been for a while now), so there is no longer a need to side-load.
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Post by MikeHiggins »

mjone88 wrote:The app is now in the Barnes & Noble store (has been for a while now), so there is no longer a need to side-load.
It appears that the version of the Gospel Library on the B&N Store is not compatible with the Nook Color. Is there a specific process to get it to work? Or was the app updated for the tablet and the color version was retired?
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