CUBS Transition Summary Presentation

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CUBS Transition Summary Presentation

Postby idahotarheel » Fri Jan 28, 2011 7:50 am

I am a Stake clerk and prepared this CUBS transition summary training package for my wards for the following purpose:

1. Provide some context to everyone in what the transition did.
2. Define and summarize categories and accounts impacted by CUBS
3. By category, explain detailed impact and responsibilities placed on clerks regarding the transition.
4. Prepare clerks for MLS 3.3.1 and what we know at this point

Much of the presentation is spoken to as the powerpoint can only document so much and is "busy" enough. So it will not detail everything nor resolve all issues. Each of my wards has specific issues that I'm helping to resolve, but at least with this training we're all speaking the same language and coming from the same perspective on the overall changes.

We held a conference call to review as a stake and it went well.
I share for your feedback and you are welcome to edit / use to your benefit as you may see fit.

Good Luck and regards
Church Updated Budget System (CUBS) a.ppt
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Postby crislapi » Fri Jan 28, 2011 11:04 am

Not sure if your file name is a fun play on CUBS or not so I thought I'd point out that CUBS actually stands for "Church Unit Banking Services".

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