Welfare Emergency Planner for Bishopric RS EQ HP Quorums etc...

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Welfare Emergency Planner for Bishopric RS EQ HP Quorums etc...

Postby simph1 » Tue Feb 15, 2011 8:59 am

In Elders Quorums and such likes... we get those handy sheets that asks us what we are good at... what we have in ways of skills and abilities etc...

What I envisage is a database, MLS style program that enables Bishoprics to enter in all the skills, abilities and equipment that Priesthood Holders have... and another side where people who have needs are fed into the system, and it matches up the person with the skill with the person with the need.

This could be extended to include food storage, water levels, employment, and medical, who has generators, who has fuel storage, and so forth... so that when an emergency like an Earthquake happens... the Bishopric would have instant access to all equipment, medical personnel, food storages, needs of members, where people are located... and so forth...

Like a emergency preparation program for the Ward/Branch so that they can look after the needs of the members by having knowledge of what each person in the ward does and can do... and what skills, abilities and equipment, resources and things like that which could be utilised more quickly in an emergency if we had some kind of system setup like this!

Blessings come from being self reliant and knowing what to do in emergencies... for when an emergency happens... the time for preparing is over! :)

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