Apps for Duty to God and Personal Progress

So you have the BIG idea that the Church or community needs to develop. Discuss that idea here. Maybe you just want to make a suggestion on a new forum topic. Let us know.
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Re: Apps for Duty to God and Personal Progress


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davesudweeks wrote:Perhaps all of your YW have smartphones, but I there are many in the church who do not. An integrated app is not a bad idea, but the needs of those who access online through a computer and those who have no access at all still need to be met as well.

With the church's limited resources, sometimes that means the latest technology will not be developed in the short term - not because it is not a good idea, but because it would exclude certain individuals in a ward, stake, or area of the world.
This, in my opinion, has never been a consideration of the development of the apps at the Church, the central office relies on local adaptation for members who may or may not have availability. Because 'The Brethren' all have these devices, this is the main consideration in development, just my own observation.
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