Could not create donation batch on Sunday

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Could not create donation batch on Sunday


Post by jonfife »

On Sunday (March 20, 2011) MLS would not allow us to enter donations. When we clicked on Enter Donations we got the window asking for the date as usual, but when we put in date and hit ok, we received an error message and then just got a blank screen in MLS. Another ward in our building had the same issue. We tried again yesterday and were still not able to get it to work. On Sunday we called HQ and a recorded message said the problem was known and we just needed to do 2-3 send/receives and the problem would be fixed. But we tried that with no success.

Anyone get the same error, and were you able to fix?
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Post by shawnl »

Two of my wards had this happen too. The send/receive fixed them both. It is frustrating, but keep at it. Eventually, the fix will be sent down.
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