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Post by angell »

The unit maps allows us to show Special Needs and Emergency Response Leaders. Is there a way I could create my own custom categories to display? For example, we would like to be able to create maps to be used for shepherding visits for Single Sisters, Home Bound Members, Young Men, Young Women, etc.
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Post by SilverColt »

This would be a great feature. I have been asked by several different bishops I have served under to utilize a custom mapping system I wrote which would take a list of addresses and result in a Google Maps XML file I could import into Google Maps. This was used to generate maps for Scouting Routes for Food drives, flag service and shepherding visits to less actives, creating home teaching route maps etc. The biggest use I have seen so far for being able to create customized maps from your own ward's map is for home/visiting teaching routes.
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Post by nabosh »


Does this mean that there is a way to do it? If I could just figure out how to make the "Special Needs" list that would be helpful but I can't seem to figure it out...
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