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Reporting Android Member Tools issues or bugs

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:34 pm
by jdlessley
These forums are primarily user-to-user help and support. Posting an issue or bug here may or may not make it to those developing or supporting the product. The best method to report issues or bugs is to use the in-app feedback. Go to Help > Contact Us and the app will use your device email app to send a message to

If you cannot open the app or are having problems within the app to get to the in-app feedback you can send an e-mail to from another device or computer. This message will go to the development or support team just the same as the in-app feedback. Sending a message other than through the in-app feedback will necessitate including information about your phone: manufacturer, model, operating system with version, and Member Tools version to help the development team address the issue.