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Policy on policies

Posted: Sun May 15, 2011 12:45 am
by wyrmwud
Does anyone know if there is a policy for/on creating local policies?


Posted: Sun May 15, 2011 1:06 am
by lionelwalters
This is an intriguing question! What kind of policies are you talking about? Generally speaking, if a topic is not directly addressed in the handbooks, bishops and stake presidents who hold the keys for the work in their respective wards and stakes may establish directions and policies relative to those topics for their units. These policies should always be in harmony with the Scriptures, related handbook policies, and directions from the General Authorities, area presidencies and local PBOs. These policies would only be binding on members within the specific ward or stake boundaries and until the bishop or stake president is released - unless their successors choose to adopt them.

Hope this helps!

Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2011 8:55 am
by hooson
I'd recommend studing Chapter 17 from Handbook 2: Uniformity and Adaptation. Some things can never be changed, while others are up to local leaders to decide.