MLS Companion Database Update - 2.1

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MLS Companion Database Update - 2.1


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I have now updated the MLS companion database to version 2.1.

The MLS companion database is designed for church leaders to help them have access to timely information where and when they need it, provide value added information for making inspirational decisions and extends a leader's memory for individual or family circumstances.

A number of users suggested changes. Version 2.1 addresses some of these suggestions:

First, the system has been made family friendly. The system was designed for YSA wards so it wasn't originally created for a family ward. What wasn't apparent was that there was information in the exported MLS files that would facilitate organizing and listing family information. (Once I saw the format of an exported file from a family ward, I immediately knew how to proceed). This version now displays relevant family relationships in the Detailed View so you can see family members and jump to a family member's records. In addition, there is a Family Listing displaying an alphabetical sort of family members.

Second, the security system of the main Membership Master program has been improved and is more flexible. This plugs a potential security hole; originally the system retained the original Admin password but now it forces the user to change passwords after they first login. There is also more flexibility in creating admin and read-only accounts (only available on the main Membership Master program). It doesn't force you to login again if you create a new account.

Third, the YSA FHE part of the programs now has an import and export feature for moving information from one program to the other. For instance, FHE coordinators can setup the groups and then export it so that he Bishop can have the same information in the main MLS companion database program, or vice versa.
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