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Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 4:00 am
by carljokl
It all seems rather academic now anyway. The Stake Presidency has made there decision and I have a Stake centre key and that is it. Their justification is that the Stake Presidency wants to limit the number of Stake Master keys. When they first made the decision I protested and tried to argue why I should have a master key. In the end it didn't make any difference except delaying my getting a Stake Centre key by over a month while the Stake presidency considered my argument and went with their original decision anyway.

At the moment it isn't so much of a problem as most of the work I have been carrying out is at the Stake Centre anyway and I haven't had so much need to get into specific other buildings yet but as soon as I do I can see it as being a pain. It also seems a shame if I am responsible for the whole Stake but in the end am spending all my time trying to sort out one building.

I have lost some of my drive too. The big project at the Stake Centre has been my rolling out of wired networking. I have reached one milestone with it but am still trying to connect the wings of the Stake Centre with a cable. Everything that has been done so far has been paid for out of my own pocket because the budgets are not available for the FM to get it done. Some of my family are complaining that it is unfair and I should not be paying for this myself. I make the point that the Church never asked me to do this so I am doing it because I want it to get done and if the Church won't pay for it all I can do is pay for it myself. I can't keep that up though as my employment contract has come to an end and until I am secure in something else I am not in a position to keep paying out money in the quantities I have done. That means that until that time there may not be much in the way of other projects because there never seems to be any budget or FM willingness to pay for anything and I don't have the money to pay for it either for now. I would just like to try and tie up the Stake Centre work I am doing and then wait and see. I have the materials I just need to install it.

Posted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:17 am
by hooson
I wish to post only once and will then withdraw from this discussion.

1) On 3 June you said you have "enough on [your] plate". Every situation is different, but personally I would caution against an attitude of this kind. No matter how busy your life and calling may be, there is always someone even busier. I don't know your stake president's schedule, but I'd guess his burden is heavier than most people are aware.

2) Stake Technology Specialists are assistant stake clerks. In most cases, therefore, my understanding of your calling is that you work first and foremost under the direction of the stake clerk. Ultimately under the direction of the stake presidency, yes; but in the normal course of events the stake clerk should be your first contact.

Do you counsel with him? Have you explained your concerns regarding the key question or other issues? (Rhetorical questions...) If so and he agrees, he can be your advocate and put forward a stronger 'case' to the stake presidency on your behalf, if appropriate. If so and he doesn't agree, you can leave it at that - without needing to take up the stake presidency's time. Either way, you and the stake clerk should be something of a 'team' - with the added benefit of you feeling less 'alone' and unsupported in your calling.

I wish you every success in the calling, I really do - but from experience have learned that how you interact with people is as important as what you do. (You made a comparison to the business/commercial world in one of your posts and I know that where I work it's the ones with the best attitude who go the furthest, so it's not just a 'church' thing.)

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2011 7:29 am
by carljokl
1) I always seem to have enough to do that I can't do everything I am supposed to be doing so I prioritise. I appreciate that the Stake Presidency is busy and have a lot of other things to deal with. In some respects I wish I had greater autonomy so that I could make more decisions without having to push so many decisions to the Stake Presidency but the policy states that many things have to be approved by the Stake Presidency. I am perhaps guilty of being over critical or not understanding enough of that. It is especially easy to get into that mindset when others around are also being quietly being critical but I know that is a slippery slope.

2) I realise that the Stake Technology Specialist is an assistant Stake Clerk. I spoke to the Stake Clerk the week I was called as STS because I assumed I reported to him. He said that as much as the Stake Technology Specialist is an assistant stake clerk he thought that in practice the role was really independent and that as far as he was concerned I did not report to him but would work directly with the Stake Presidency. I believe that is the first and last time I have talked with him (possibly ever).

At this point I am resigned that this is the decision that has been made. I feel I made as strong as a case as I could already and it didn't make a difference. I don't think I can make a stronger case until I could actually build up a body of evidence to show how inconvenient it is proving for myself and others that I do not have a key. I have not had to get into the other buildings as yet. That might well change if the rollout of broadband goes as planned towards the end of this year.

I do need to get into Dewsbury Chapel which is my local Chapel to install a proper patch panel but I have decided to leave that at least until reaching the next milestone with the Stake Centre cabling.

Posted: Mon Aug 15, 2011 7:37 pm
by busman
You need to remember that as STS you are an assistant stake clerk and you are part of the Stake Presidency's staff. The stake president holds the keys of decision for his stake and unless his desire is contrary to church policy, it is to be followed. I faced a similar situation when I was called. It took years to earn my way to a sub-master key. Be patient, magnify your calling, build confidence and trust. Eventually they will see that what they want you to do is being hampered and honestly delayed by your lack of access. Then they MAY issue you the desired keys. Don't try to force your leaders - it will backfire.