Church magazines as iOS subscriptions

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Church magazines as iOS subscriptions


Post by cjanis »

We can already access some of the magazines through the scriptures app, but it's all text based and not too pretty. With the magazine stand coming in iOS 5, this seems like a perfect opportunity to make the various church magazines available as subscriptions through iOS. It shouldn't be too tough to use build a basic app that can parse and style the postscript files that I assume are created for each version of the magazines anyway.
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Post by Aingealfire »

I would second this. I have been using the "LDS Scriptures" app for my iPad, and while it has the option to download the Ensign, it isn't always clean,and sometimes the images cover text, etc. I'd love to see an option to have the existing subscription my family gets released for iPad as well. (Mind you I am also biased toward not having to pay for it a second time :-P)
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Post by rhenrick »

I would love to see official Church subs for this as well.
For the time being, you should check out "Ensign" in the Apple Newsstand.

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