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Post by splassle »

I know this would be a touchy thing to suggest and may not need more than a suggest and not a discussion on it.

I am the 2nd Councilor in my Ward Bishopric and I have a question that I have not be able to find the answer for in the Handbooks, and after talking with the Stake Clerk, he informs me that they have discussed this at the Stake level and they don't have any concrete evidence other than the I remember a communication saying ....

On the particular issue is over having a easel in the foyer with a poster on it for an up coming activity some say that it should not be in the foyer but in the vestibule. And there is nothing in the Handbooks that I can find to say either way.

I know if there is a question that it needs to go up the chain of command since some of the stuff is very confidential or specific to the needs of that unit.

But could there be somewhere where the leaders (just leaders) of that stake or area may have access to FAQ for them????


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Post by crislapi »

Leaders have access to lds.org/leader. The closest thing to a private FAQ for leaders you're going to get is probably the Official Communication Library (accessible from lds.org/leader). If the answer can't be found in the handbook and in the OCL, you're welcome to ask the question on the forum (placement of an easel does not seem overly sensitive to me), or ask your local leaders, who can ask the stake, who can ask area seventy, who can ask general authorities, etc if need be.

If you want a definitive, authoritative answer, the latter is probably best. Otherwise, you're asking for opinions and interpretation from (no offense, guys) people whose opinions and interpretations don't really matter.
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Post by dannykos »

We had a chapel refurb last year - and on the handover meeting, the church FM guy was pretty adamant about the foyers being almost totally empty, other than approved artwork, seating, and a fake plant!

Anyhow - when the new pass-along cards came out, he said we couldn't site the plastic dispenser in the foyer at all, and it would have to go somewhere else in the building… fast foward to a meeting with the stake presidency and the area president, in which this situation came up over chit-chat, and the area president was totally amazed at the suggestion!

I think some people have ideas about how things should be - but ultimately it's the stake president who is responsible for the use of the buildings under his stewardship, and so in my opinion should be left for him to decide.
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Post by russellhltn »

I think my biggest concern with an easel is the safety aspects. Will it block the flow of traffic, particularly if the building has to be evacuated? (Poorly placed, it could violate fire code) It is prone to getting toppled by kids?, etc. Even if a particular situation is ok, are we opening a Pandora's box? (What happens when each organization wants their announcements on a easel?)

The other concern is aesthetic. As a general guideline, I can see where you want the area just outside the chapel to provide a transition to the chapel and not cluttered up. The FM group may well have design guidelines for what they are supposed to do, but I'm not sure as a easel would fall in their area for regulation.
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