Boundary Realignment App

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Boundary Realignment App

Postby rhusted » Thu Aug 11, 2011 6:59 am

Currently, Stake Presidencies spend tens or hundreds of hours noodling boundary realignments. From old-school push-pin maps to MLS (with proprietary stake "geocodes") to more current LDS Maps scenarios, a lot of time is consumed in figuring out how to best align boundaries. But by leveraging LDS Maps, we could create an app that would do the following:
1. show boundary lines for ALL units (not just the currently selected one)
2. click on a unit to see the stats for that unit (Priesthood, families, avg sacrament meeting attendance, etc.) or for the entire Stake (link to the online stats info available to Stake leaders) -
3. enable users to click on a boundary line and move it (along road segments), similar to the way Google Maps works (you can adjust the route they suggest by clicking and dragging the line... this app would work similarly)
4. color the original or revised border for suggested boundary changes

I'm not familiar with the map code, but some of these suggestions would be painfully easy (pulling in the Units & Statistics reports information). Others may be more difficult (adjusting boundaries and pulling unit stats for the realigned boundaries).

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Postby johnshaw » Fri Aug 12, 2011 12:40 pm

Fantastic Idea!!! I've now gone through this at least 3 times, and one of them involved another stake. What we currently do is export KML files for boundaries available in CDOL to Google Earth. export member data and create a KML file of that data as well. We obtain maps of school district and high school boundaries and use layering in Google Earth to overlay and modify the transparency. We are then able to draw in proposed boundaries and store them as well. This allows us to turn on and off members, boundaries, schools, etc - But we still need to go over all the other data in MLS for affects of the re-drawn boundaries....

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