Calling all Spanish Speakers

When the Church has need of help from the technology community, we will post that need in this forum.
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charly3358 wrote:Yes, you have a point here.

I also start with google as a shortcut and edit the document out from there!

Maybe if the community has general rule of having native speakers translate into their own language we can avoid problemas, but then if documents are pilling up we could open them for everyone to do -including the ex missionaries :)
Perhaps. I'm not sure what the rules should be, exactly. I kind of envisioned native speakers checking the work and doing the final pass or readthrough, at least for my project Mormon Translation

If I understood TomW correctly, the translations he suggested be done for the Church would be checked by the Church's professional translators.

So, I suppose it depends on the project and who is running it.
charly3358 wrote: But can we just start next week or so translating these threads, newest to older? Done by anyone available? We are certain to get spanish, portuguese and probably tagalog too to start off with because wiki is set up as totally different systems per different languages.

(Would the church permit us to do so? because I get the impression that they are very concerned with what is written especially in church-linked sites and they seem to edit out things a lot)
I'm not sure where you got the idea that there was a project to translate the threads here on this forum. As I understand it, that is NOT what TomW was suggesting in his call for Spanish-speakers. The call was for help translating documentation and other official communications, not the questions and answers of whatever members happen to register here.

I do agree that there is always an issue of what the Church allows and the image it projects. I have no way of knowing, but I'll bet one of the principle bottlenecks in getting translations out the door is the review process -- which General Authorities speak the languages involved and can approve the materials. Clearly, collaborative translations don't solve that problem.

Tom, perhaps you could clarify?
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Agreed that the project was documents... I only put up a suggestion to start translating these forum (and informally) so as to give more members access to them, but your wiki project seems a good place to start of with, for a volunteer like myself with time and translation experience. I'll log in tomorrow.
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The purpose of this thread was to conduct an experiment as to how quickly and accurately non-doctrinal and non-scriptural information could be translated by the community. As the forums move into new languages, there is the very real possibility that we will call upon the community to help with translation issues.

Thanks for everyones involvement on this thread!

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Una unidad necesita cambiar la dirección de sus reuniones, número de teléfono, tiempo de reunión, o el nombre de la Unidad en el LUWS.

Dirección de reuniones:
La dirección del edificio tal como se muestra en el sitio Web se actualiza por la gestión de las instalaciones locales (FM). Si hace falta realizar cambios, las unidades deben ponerse en contacto con su grupo local de FM.

Unidad de número de teléfono:
El edificio de la Iglesia número de teléfono puede ser actualizado por un administrador del sitio Web. Ir al Administrador Opciones y, a continuación, haga clic en Mantener la página principal y luego teléfono. Actualizar el número de teléfono.

Horario de reunion:
Los cambios de hora para el sitio web deben ser realizados en MLS. Las unidades deben ir a la MLS, luego Opciones de Sistema, despues, luego horario de Reunión. Nota: Cuando están cambiando el horario de las sesiones, la fecha en los campos Cambio de Horario deben estar marcados (aunque se trate de un solo día en el futuro).

Unidad Nombre:
La unidad nombre se actualiza en la sede de la Iglesia. Una vez que el nombre se ha actualizado en CDOL (Directorio de organizaciones y dirigentes de la Iglesia), se rellenará el sitio Web dentro de 14 días.
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Is someone willing to translate this for us? Thanks in advance.
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It is a rough translation of the "Third Phrase to Translate" that was posted here. It really looks like it was just sent through Google Translator without any editing.
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pbhanney wrote:It is a rough translation of the "Third Phrase to Translate" that was posted here. It really looks like it was just sent through Google Translator without any editing.

I would agree because it is pretty choppy and not a fluid translation.
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RE: Nahum Ortiz translation August 24th, 2008 06:07 AM


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This translation of "Third Phrase to Translate" contains typical vocabulary of central american spanish speakers. And as a native spanish speaker myself, but from argentina, I see this translation as the typical way for a native Honduran to translate English to Spanish. But some here doubt its quality.

The comments made here by "pbhanney" and "opee" are (respectfully and only to make a point) the proof of why you would need 'native' speakers to do the final draft of the translation and add in local euphemisms and vocabulary to avoid embarrassing situations. To prove a point only, Google translator translates the first paragraph as:

"Meetinghouse Dirección:
El edificio de la dirección como se muestra en el sitio Web es actualizado por el local de gestión de las instalaciones (FM) del grupo. Si los cambios deben ser realizados, las unidades deben ponerse en contacto con su grupo de FM local."

Which is very different to what Nahum wrote. Only 'FM' MLS aren't translated in Nahum's version.

I suggest that when one looks to 'spanish' nations one needs to see at least 8+ very different languages which have been growing apart since the 1400's. The only way around this is to rely on the 'academic' spanish or spanish from Spain as the unifying version imho.

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