Java Stack 3.1.4 Released

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Java Stack 3.1.4 Released


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The Java Stack team is pleased to announce the release of Stack 3.1.4. This release is mostly a bugfix and library upgrade release as we are concurrently working on Stack 3.2. This release includes the following:
  • A major bug was fixed that caused positions to not be processed with WAM. If you are using positions with WAM an upgrade is highly recommended
  • The stack now manages the version of all cxf modules
  • Selenium/Webdriver has been upgraded to 2.3.1. Selenium has changed a lot in the last couple of releases so you may have some regressions in your functional tests. If you need help upgrading your functional tests contact a member of the Stack eam.
  • TestNG upgraded to 6.1.1
  • GWT Maven plugin upgraded to 2.3.0-1
  • Jackson upgraded to 1.8.3
  • Hibernate upgraded to 3.6.6
It is highly recommended that all projects upgrade to 3.1.4 at the beginning of your next dev cycle! To upgrade simply change the version of stack-master you are using to "3.1.4". For more on this recommend you checkout the Upgrade Notes.

Otherwise work is progressing steadily on Stack 3.2 which will include Tomcat 7, JDK 7, Spring 3.1, Hibernate 4, and many other upgrades and improvements. Expect a beta release soon after the next milestone release of Spring 3.1.


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