Ward information not getting to Stake side of MLS

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Ward information not getting to Stake side of MLS

Postby opee » Sun Dec 16, 2007 10:03 pm

This may be a problem similar to the one one in this thread: http://tech.lds.org/forum/showthread.php?t=812

I have found that data entered (on AP ordinations) for a certain ward in my stake does not show up on the Stake MLS data. I did a refresh of data two weeks ago to fix the problem, and the information showed up.

Today I was checking another ordination from the same ward and noticed that the data was not showing the AP Ordination at the Stake. The Ward MLS shows the ordination. I know that I can do another refresh and it should fix the problem again, but there seems to be an underlying problem...

Any suggestions on what is going wrong?

As a side note, I have noticed also that some members are showing up on lists that they should not be on. (For example: I printed a list of "Active (old style) recommends" for our Single's Branch. The Branch President's wife showed up in the report with the members of the Branch, even though her records are not in that unit. I could not explain why this was happening. The Branch President is setup as an "Out of Unit Member", but I don't think that his wife is. Could that be the issue?)

Are there problems with the unit data getting to the Stake MLS data?

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Postby mbatemantx » Thu Jan 10, 2008 12:01 pm

In my opinion there are problems with getting the data from the Ward to the Stake MLS. As an example our stake puts out a directory by using a custom report to paste data in the order and format they want into an excel spreadsheet. They send this to the ward for corrections, the problem is for the past 2 years I am seeing the same corrections that need to be made in the name field (sorrry I forgot which field it is in the format husband & wife). The problem is in some but not all of the stake MLS it uses the full name, whereas in my ward mls it always uses the prefered names.
I have been unable to deduce a pattern to which names use the prefered and which use the full names.

SLC said to refresh my data, I did and my format did not change. The stake refreshed their data, and it did not change their format.

I finally solved the problem by waiting till they want the corrected copy back, run the same custom report and send the spreadsheet to them

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Postby atticusewig » Thu Jan 17, 2008 9:58 am

One pattern to look for is to see if the names
in the Stake MLS correspond to wards that use
the "Use Preferred Names" checkbox under
System Options in their ward's MLS.
Some wards have this option checked
and others do not; This could be what is
causing the mismatch. The Stake probably
is sent the "HofH & Spouse" field however
it appears in that ward's MLS.

Beehive Ward uses Full names so
their "Head of Household & Spouse"
field would be something like:

Xavier, Charles Qubert & Jeanie Heather

If this family were to move to say
Frugal Ward were they use
Preferred names in their Systems Options
the "Head of Household & Spouse"
field would be:

Xavier, Chuck & Jean

Also see if the fields in your custom report
can be changed. I know they are always
adding fields you can use in the custom reports.

Atticus Ewig

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