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Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 8:01 pm
by Osborn
I remember reading the issues of the new build somewhere, but I'm using a 3" screen and I can't find it. I love the new build however, I wish the features from the old builds were present. i.e. Highlight verse with footnotes, tab buttons up top with chapter and verse, and other small things. Thanks for everything I love this app.


After I got home I tried to find the other issues post. I found it and saw that this is a test build. I like the access on demand, but I would fore-go that if I could get the GUI back from the Official build. However The link is broken and I can't find the old content. I can just hope that the test build merges with the official build soon. I also hope that the app auto updates for new magazines every month because I wouldn't want to re-download all the content every month.

Posted: Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:06 pm
by kmartind
A lot of information is in other posts, and some on the wiki (, but there are a lot of posts to sort through so I’ll try to summarize the current status and limitations (as far as I know; anyone with additional or different information can feel free to chime in as this changes over time). To start off, there are three different versions of the gospel library for webOS currently available:

First is the official LDS Gospel Library app, which is in the HP App Catalog. This version is very easy to install and doesn’t require setting developer mode or using WebOS Quick Install or Preware, etc. The disadvantage is that it has yet to be updated for the 2012 curriculum, and content is bundled with the application so it is only delivered via application updates. This makes the app somewhat limited because it doesn’t have the latest manuals, but it’s still useful for the scriptures, hymns, etc.

The second option is an enhanced version of LDS Gospel Library, provided by John Hansen, which separates the content from the application and stores its content in a “.ldssa” folder on the device. This version has the 2012 curriculum and includes all the features of the original app, including the top chapter/verse navigation. It is not available in the Catalog and must be downloaded and installed manually with WebOS Quick Install or Preware. It cannot coexist with the official app, and it is probably safest to remove the original version before installing it. It can be downloaded here:
It also requires two content .zip files to be extracted to the device, which creates and populates the .ldssa folder. This includes the original content bundle (including the scriptures, etc):
And either the “partial” or “full” content bundle. The full version contains more magazines, but these bundles are created manually so might not contain the latest:

The third option is the “GL Catalog” app, also created by John Hansen. This version is also not available in the App Catalog so it must be installed manually, however it can coexist with either the official or unofficial version of LDS Gospel Library since it stores content in a different directory location (.ldswebos). It can even be run at the same time as the other app in a different card. It downloads content on the fly from the church servers and also supports multiple languages, making it very versatile. However, it doesn’t yet have some of the features of LDS Gospel Library such as the top chapter/verse navigation, and it requires an active Internet connection on the device the first time you access each book or manual. The .ipk is available at:

At some point, there may be a converged application available in the App Catalog that contains all of the features, but if so, I don’t know the timeframe.
In the meantime, some people (myself included) have been installing both the unofficial LDS Gospel Library app and the unofficial GL Catalog app and use both. It sounds like that might work well in your case; using the enhanced Gospel Library app for most things, but the GL Catalog for recent magazines (though you might need to remove/reinstall GL Catalog and possibly the .ldswebos folder periodically if it doesn't pick up new issues).

For anyone not familiar with installing a .ipk, some more detailed instructions are in the wiki.

Posted: Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:12 am
by Osborn
That was exactly what I needed. I want to say that I tried the dual install when I first attempted to install the test build, but I can't remember. Thank you for your exhaustive answer, I appreciate it.

Still no chinese

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2012 1:07 am
by sumchow
Thanks for the reply. I deleted the app and then have it reinstalled. Some languages that were previously also missing (e.g. Japanese) are again showing on the list, but unfortunately Chinese is still missing from the list. I guess there is not much I can do except waiting for a new update and try again. I cannot download the dropbox file (404 missing file) so I cannot try out the chinese content in the Gospel Library app. Is there any chance of making that available again?

I notice that the (English) 2012 April Ensign is showing up but the 2012 April Conference is not. Do I need to reinstall the app again later to get the Conference content, or should I just be patient and wait a little longer?

kmartind wrote:You might have already solved the problem, but if not here's my suggestion. I think Chinese should still be available from GL Catalog, but it's possible there might be a problem with the application. If so, then reinstalling it completely would probably help.


The same process could also be used to force the menus to rebuild for any other missing content (for example, if the latest English language magazines aren't being listed).

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 8:57 pm
by afanofosc
I started a different job at the company I work for which has made it harder to spend time on the Gospel Library app for WebOS. Things have settled down a little now so I hope to spend more time on it now. My apologies for the long interlude since my last update.

The GL Catalog application will load any/all languages available from the LDS web services. It just does not currently have any way to force a refresh and it doesn't automatically check for old data and automatically update it. So if it finds a json file for languages it uses it rather than getting a potentially updated/newer version from the web. I will work this weekend to add a way to force the application to reload the data and maybe even an auto refresh if the data is over a couple weeks old or something like that.

In the meantime, you can simply delete the .ldswebos folder from the device and that will force the GL Catalog app to download languages and catalogs again.

The other version of the Gospel Library application that I have created is completely static so it doesn't have the latest content but the GL Catalog app has everything new since it gets everything from the web. By "everything" I mean whatever the web service says is available in json format for webos devices. If you don't see Chinese content then it is because the web services do not currently list Chinese as an available language for the WebOS platform. I will ping Nathan Dickamore to see if that is something he can fix.

John Hansen

Posted: Thu Jul 12, 2012 11:05 pm
by afanofosc
Okay, it turns out my GL Catalog app was using the count value in the languages.json file and that value (33) was less than the actual number of languages in the array. I've updated the IPK to use the languges.length value instead of the incorrect count value. ... .1_all.ipk

With this change it is now listing all the languages, including Chinese (at the very end of the list).

Also, looking at the code, it will correctly download the latest language file each time (if running with an active web connection) even if the file is already on the device. What doesn't currently happen is downloading a new catalog file for a selected language if there is already one on the device - even if the existing catalog is old.

John Hansen

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2012 5:40 pm
by fltrsei

Read the posts above...

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2012 5:57 pm
by kmartind
fltrsei wrote:I can't seam to get these links to work?
Read this post, which contains the correct links and other information: ... #post81574

(it's only 6 posts up).

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2012 5:42 pm
by eense
I was looking for an update to the GLCatalog for October General Conference. Do we have a time frame for when we can download the new .ipk? Or is there another way to get it? Any idea when updates will be auto like some of the other platforms?